DAR – redefining inflow control

Density Activated Recovery (DAR) technology is developed by Innowell Solutions and represents the next generation inflow control technology with truly unique and game-changing capabilities that aspire to make future field developments more sustainable in a low-carbon environment.

Accelerated production

Gives unconstrained high initial production, sustained through an insurance against early gas/water breakthrough


Improves sweep efficiency by controlling “bad water” independently of reservoir heterogeneity and geological uncertainty


Reduces the well count for new field developments by improved well production, reservoir coverage and reduced reinjection

Low carbon

Reduces carbon footprint caused by greenhouse gas emissions associated with reinjection of undesired fluids



A game-changing technology

The Density Activated Recovery (DAR) technology by Innowell Solutions is based on the ERV© invention, which is a patented technology for controlling inflow of reservoir fluids along the lower completion of a well. It utilizes density differences between fluids to autonomously discriminate between wanted and unwanted fluids, like oil, gas, water and mud.

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