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Exploiting the full potential of 3D-printing


During the development of the various fluid control modules of the DAR system, it soon became clear that additive manufacturing  –  or “3D-printing”  –  was ideal for this technology. The figure shows the very latest design for the Water Control Module (WCM), that will soon be printed and tested. Inside this module is a piston that autonomously closes and reopens for flow, depending on local water cut. Most of the internal channels, which fit nicely inside the limited annular space, are pressure communication channels designed such that the piston will always be surrounded by clean silicon oil without exposure to dirty fluids and particles.

Simulations with DAR technology published by SINTEF


At the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference that was held in Bergen yesterday, SINTEF Industry presented a paper describing reservoir simulations with and without DAR technology and with different DAR configurations. As expected, the simulations with DAR technology demonstrated significant reduction in water cut, which also means reduction in CO2 emissions associated with reinjection of produced water. The paper can be purchased here: Search Results | OnePetro

Visit us at our IPTC stand


We are present at this week’s International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), which takes place in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 21/2 – 23/2 2022. If you happen to be there, please feel free to visit our booth to learn more about the DAR technology, which is now qualified and ready for piloting!  

Visit us at ADIPEC 2021


We are excited to be exhibiting our game-changing Density Activated Recovery (DAR) technology at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (15th – 18th Nov.). You will find us at the Norwegian Pavilion in Hall 9, where we will be eager to update you on recent progress towards piloting the DAR Universal Inflow Control System and explain why the DAR technology has the potential to provide sustainable developments by simultaneously delivering higher volumes, lower costs and reduced emissions. It’s not just about controlling water and gas, but doing it with low skin and independently of reservoir conditions!

SPE paper presented at ATCE 2021


During last week’s ATCE 2021 in Dubai, Innowell presented the SPE paper 205868. This paper describes limitations associated with viscosity-dependent AICDs, and how the new density-based DAR technology has been developed to avoid these limitations. The most important results from the qualification tests are included in the paper, and it is discussed how this new technology may affect production rates, field development and environment. The paper can be purchased here: Delivering Automated Reservoir Management with Birth of the First Ever Universal Inflow Control System UICS | SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition | OnePetro

Visit us at our ATCE stand


We hope to see you in Dubai for ATCE 2021. Visit us in our booth to learn more about the DAR technology, which is now qualified and ready for piloting. A technical paper will also be presented at the conference, titled “Delivering Automated Reservoir Management with Birth of the First Ever Universal Inflow Control System (UICS)”. This will be a part of Session 34 on Downhole Flow Control Devices.

Final flow performance test


As part of the qualification program for the DAR technology, the final flow performance test was completed this week. Excellent agreement with theory was achieved for the performance curves of both oil, water and gas. Reliable and repetitive closing and reopening behavior was demonstrated in cyclic oil-water and oil-gas tests, as illustrated in figure. No other technology can close and reopen autonomously at pre-defined water cuts that are independent of fluid viscosity and flow rate! The two-week test was carried out in the world’s most advanced flow loop for inflow control technologies: Equinor’s lab and test facilities in Porsgrunn, Norway – YouTube

Technology Fast 50


For 17 years, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 has analyzed a large number of Norwegian technology companies and made a list of the 50 companies that exhibit the strongest growth through self-developed technology. Innowell Solutions is included on this year’s list!

Grant J. Paterson


As of November 1st 2020, Innowell has engaged Grant J. Paterson as CMO, based in Scotland. He is Incorporated Engineer from Institute of Civil Engineers, has 23 years Oil & Gas industry experience with past 19 years working in the Middle East. Previous positions include Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Product Line Manager, Business Unit Manager and Group Director. His last position was Vice President for Fishbones in Dubai, UAE.

ONS Innovation Award 2020


Among 44 applicants, five have been nominated as finalists in the SME category of ONS Innovation Award 2020, and Innowell Solutions is one of them! The ONS Foundation is a world-leading, non-profit organization facilitating discussions and collaboration on energy, technology and innovation. Through the ONS Innovation Awards, first presented in 1982, ONS recognizes the crucial importance of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. This year’s winners will be announced in a digital award ceremony on the 1st of September.

Sam Ardan


We are proud to announce that Sam Ardan has joined Innowell and will serve as Lead Design Engineer. He holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hims in Syria and has professional background as Operation Engineer, Field Engineer, Engineering Manager, Senior Field Engineer and Lead Design Engineer for various companies, including C6 Technologies, where he has been involved with design and R&D for downhole tools for the last six years.

Total joins DEMO2000 project


We are proud to announce that Total has made the decision to participate in the ongoing DEMO2000 project, where the plan is to test the DAR technology in a real well. In addition to Total, the project is funded by Lundin Petroleum, AkerBP, Vår Energi and The Research Council of Norway.

Lundin’s Capital Markets Day


Today, the DAR technology was mentioned at Lundin Petroleum’s 2020 Capital Markets Day at the London Stock Exchange. The Capital Markets Day included presentations by the Company’s management team on its fourth quarter 2019 financial results, its business strategy, the 2020 budgeted development campaign and its exploration and appraisal programme. DAR technology was mentioned as an example of a technology they see great potential in.

Upgraded flowloop


Innowell’s multiphase flowloop, which is located on Tronrud Engineering’s premises near Hønefoss in Norway, has recently been subject to a major upgrade. New pumps with higher capacity enable higher flow rates and inlet pressures up to 60 bars. This covers the full operational envelope for most applications. The upgraded flowloop is also equipped with numerous high-quality sensors that provide input to an advanced control system capable of maintaining constant differential pressure during closing and reopening.

Presence at conferences


Over the past two weeks, Innowell has presented the DAR technology at three different conferences: ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, OG21 in Oslo, and Telemark Offshore Conference in Skien. Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, and Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Kjell-Børge Freiberg, were among those who visited our booths and got introduced to the technology.

Mentioned in government budget


Innowell Solutions was mentioned in the government budget that was published today. Potential benefits in terms of enhanced recovery, reduced field development costs and reduced emissions were highlighted. Several operators are now eager to test this technology at the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

OTC in Houston


Last week, there was hectic activity at Innowell’s booth at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, which gave an opportunity for our many visitors to discuss everything from field-specific challenges to technical details with Innowell’s three representatives.

Rune Killie


Today, Rune Killie started working as technical manager for Innowell. He holds a master’s degree in physics and has 20+ years of experience from multiphase flow modeling, flow assurance and development/operation of oil & gas fields.

DEMO2000 project!


Innowell was awarded funding by The Research Council of Norway for a DEMO2000 project, where the plan is to test the DAR technology in a real well. More information can be found here (in Norwegian): Read more at Forskningsrådet

ICT forum in Stavanger


Today, the DAR technology was presented for the first time at the ICT forum in Stavanger. The presentation “Universal Inflow Control Systems (UICS) – 3rd generation ICT” was given by Trygve Rinde.

ONS Innovation Park


The DAR technology is presented at the ONS. You will find our booth at the ONS Innovation Park organized by The Research Council of Norway. There, you can watch a video, look at a small-scale model and discuss with our representatives.

New website!


Our web site for the DAR technology was released today. On this news page, we will keep you updated about important events and milestones .