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Density Activated Recovery

Future-proof your water management strategy!

Different fields experience different challenges. Some are constrained by gas-handling capacity, others by water- or liquid-handling capacity. Long horizontal wells can suffer from an inactive toe section due incomplete cleanup. For some wells in homogeneous reservoirs, oil production cannot be increased because of the heel-to-toe effect and associated gas coning. Wells in heterogenous reservoirs may experience excessive water production from high-permeability streaks, which can negatively affect lift performance.

This variety of challenges illustrates the need for a robust inflow control technology that can easily be configured to meet individual clients’ field-specific requirements. If you think an investment in this technology could potentially provide benefit to your existing our future field, we are happy to discuss opportunities with you, also for retrofit solutions.

In spring 2018, the DAR technology was prototype tested with reservoir oil at reservoir conditions in Equinor’s state-of-the-art HPHT multiphase test facility for AICDs in Norway. Additional testing at assembly level was completed in 2021 as part of a DEMO2000 project. The DAR technology is now qualified, and the goal is to test it in a real well in 2024.

Accelerated production

Gives unconstrained high initial production, sustained through an insurance against early gas/water breakthrough


Improves sweep efficiency by controlling “bad water” independently of reservoir heterogeneity and geological uncertainty


Reduces the well count for new field developments by improved well production, reservoir coverage and reduced reinjection

Low carbon

Reduces carbon footprint caused by greenhouse gas emissions associated with reinjection of undesired fluids

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