Redefining inflow control

Innowell Solutions

Key personnel in Innowell Solutions have been involved in ICD and AICD technologies for more than 25 years. In 2009 – 2011, different mechanisms for discriminating between desired and undesired fluids were investigated, and it was concluded that the use of density differences between fluids provides the best flexibility, adaptability and robustness for a wide range of fields.

The basic principles behind the DAR technology were developed in 2012, and a Joint Industry Project (JIP) was kicked off in 2015. The JIP was completed in August 2018 with excellent prototype test results. A DEMO2000 project was completed in 2021, where the technology was qualified at system level. The goal is now to test the DAR technology in a real well in 2024.

Innowell Solutions was established in 2012 (VAT no. 999 161 340) as the owner of the patents associated with the DAR technology. Following a change of ownership and a re-branding process in 2017, the current company name was introduced. A Board of Directors was established with experienced professionals having background from managerial positions in leading service and operating companies involved in technology development and application.

Our team

Vegar Grüner


18+ years of experience from the oil & gas industry. Specialist in flow simulations and well control.

  • ABB & Vetco (2004 – 2006)
  • Acona Flow Tech. & Ranold (2007 – 2022)

Grant Paterson


25+ years of experience from the oil & gas industry, 19 of which in the Middle East.

  • Schlumberger (1998 – 2002)
  • Weatherford (2002 – 2011)
  • SPD / Petrofac (2012 – 2014)
  • Fishbones (2014 – 2020)

Thorleif “Totte” Lager

Project Manager

40+ years of experience in Norwegian & Int’l oil & gas industry. Drilling, well operations management and field development technology.

  • DNV
  • Norsk Hydro (1980-88)
  • Proffshore AS (1988-2008)
  • Acona AS (2008 – 2017)

Rune Killie


25+ years of experience as specialist within multiphase flow modeling and flow assurance. Production engineer on several fields.

  • ABB / Vetco (1997 – 2005)
  • FMC (2006 – 2007)
  • Acona Flow Technology (2007 – 2017)

Board of directors

  • Chairman of the board

    Torger Skillingstad, former CEO and CTO at Resman AS

  • Director

    Trygve Rinde, Founder, CEO at Ranold AS

  • Director

    Thorleif “Totte” Lager, Founder, Drilling and well operations specialist

  • Director

    Gunnar Andersen, Founder, CEO and COB at TecWel

  • Director

    Geir Solli, Investor and former SVP Operations at DetNorske

  • Director

    Njål Arne Vathne, CEO at Resq Group

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